Saturday 9th March 2019

Saturday 9th March Open section

Butt Drama Circle

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me

by Frank McGuinness


We are in a decidedly perilous position, to put it mildly.’
Adam, an American doctor, Edward, an Irish journalist and Michael, an English academic, have little to unite them beyond being human in the same small space. Yet somehow, together, they determine to ward off madness and forestall despair.
Somewhere lurk their unseen captors yet, in the cell, there are stories of adventure and love, there is song and laughter, and even a surge of writing, cocktail-drinking and movie-making.
Inspired by the abduction of Brian Keenan – taken hostage in Lebanon in the 1980s – Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is playwright Frank McGuinness’s hymn to the defiant power of the human spirit and the creative imagination.



Edward – Troy Devaney

Adam – Jim McGowan

Michael – Jim Holohan

Director JC Bonar

Lighting JC Bonar

Sound Brian Duffy

Stage Manager Pauric Havlin

Make up Kathleen McGowan

Stage Crew Brian Doherty, Chris Holmes


Tuesday 5th March 2019

Tuesday 5th March Open section

Corn Mill Theatre Group

 On Broken Wings

 By Dermot Healy

Synopsis of Play

The play takes its title from a popular song of the 1930s, a period in which some of the scenes are set. It opens in contemporary Ireland with an old masked figure – Timothy Lavell – seated by the hearth of a cottage on the Mullet peninsula. We follow in Act I scenes from Timothy’s childhood, including his trip by boat and train to Scotland, and his time there potato-picking, before return home again. In Act II we follow Timothy’s life in America. He finds work as an elevator man, and encounters many races and creeds. His experiences, his failed love affair, his hallucinations, and his fears are explored. Eventually he returns to Ireland to sit by the hearth like his father and mother before him. Timothy Lavell is a stubborn survivor of another age.

Cast List

Timothy – (Old Man) Killian McGuinness

Timothy – (Man) Phil Gilbride

Timothy – (Boy) Luke Patterson

Mother – Taragh Donohoe

Father – Brian O’Reilly

Woman – Elaine Birkett

Man – Niall Lynch

Mangan – Larry O’Halloran

Big Woman – Taragh Donohoe

Rosie – Julie Ann McKiernan

Barwoman – Róisín Kenny

Tessie – Eileen Ward

Bernie – Sean McIntyre

Waltzers / Potato, American & Fifties Heads – Orla Brady, Alice Smyth Lynch, Sharon O’Neill, Derek Reilly, Joe McManus & Mark Connolly

Director Ronan Ward


Lighting Philip McIntyre & Neville Patterson

Sound Daniel Mimna & Ray Belverstone

Stage Manager Loui Finnegan

Make Up Una Ward