Friday 8th March 2019


Friday 8th March Open


By Kim Carney

Synopsis of Play

Maxine, a feisty, bitter Alzheimer’s victim, doesn’t want to move into a nursing facility. But when she meets Joe, a widower who shares her love for dance, her outlook begins to change. Although the two clash when lucid, their hazy memories overlap, and they begin an affair that rejuvenates and fulfills them. But can these lovers — played simultaneously by an elderly twosome and a young, vivacious couple — stay together despite their families’ wishes and their fading vitality?


Cast Crew

Maxine – Josepine Byrne

Joe Billy – Canning

Diane – Mairéad Connaughton

Benita – Elaine Jordan

Greg – Pádraig D’Arcy

The Girl – Kate Power

The Sailor – Tim Connaughton

Director Kieran Tyrell

Lighting Fran Breen and Kevin McEvoy

Sound Grace Dunbar

Stage Manager Liam Farrell

Make Up Gerry Kinsella and Margret Farrell

Production Co-ordinator Rory Kinsella

Set Design Chris Atkinson & Kieran Tyrell

Set Painting Niall O’Muiri & Lib Nolan

Costumes Gerry Kinsella & Martin McDonald

Set Construction Chris Atkinson, Denny Hanlon, Michael Dunbar, John Masterson, John Dunne, Seamus Kelly & Jim Druhan

Props Barbara Mc Combe

Backstage Conor Stephenson, Margaret Farrell, Liam Farrell, John Donohoe, Michael Dunbar & Chris Atkinsn