Monday 4th March 2019

Monday 4th March – Confined section

Mullingar Theatre Lab

The Lonesome West

By Martin McDonagh

Synopsis of Play

Set in Leannane county Galway The Lonesome West is a dark comedy and part of the McDonagh Trilogy in where we find the forever battling brothers Coleman and Valene drink and fight their way through life after the shooting of their father. Fr Welsh, Walsh is the hapless drunk priest trying to save their souls whilst trying to dodge the advances of local minx Girleen.

Cast List

Coleman Connor – Alan Conroy

Fr. Welsh – T.J. McCann

Valene Connor – Steve Ennis

Girleen – Dawn Flynn

Director Dan Hyland

Set design, Construction & Transport Alan Conroy

Stage manager – Ian “Reno” Ryan

Back Stage Ian “Reno” Ryan and TJ MCann.

Lighting & Sound Dan E Hyland